The Ambassador Program

Read below to learn what our ambassador club entails - the requirements & deliverables, the perks (!!), and how styling our products can earn you some cash 🤑🤑

1. Your gift, your choice

We want whatever content you make with our products to feel natural & authentic - you need to love what you're working with! That's why we let you choose the items you recieve including any of our custom designs. 

2. Earn commission

Make 5% commission on every order placed using your unique discount code you share with followers, family and friends. Sign up for our affiliate program here!

3. Collaboration Deliverables

1. Unboxing to your story when you recieve your gifts
2. In feed post tagging our account (@shopspikesandseamsdotcom) within 4 weeks of delivery 
3. Provide followers with your unique discount code to get 10% off their order
4. Product reviews on our website
5. Forward us any content (edited or unedited) using our products 

4. Shop the collection

Ready to get started? Browse our full selection of iPhone cases and let us know -
a. Your 3 favorite selections
b. Your iPhone model
c. Your mailing address